University of Customs and Finance invites foreign applicants to study Ukrainian language!

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«As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being»


To promote the study of Ukrainian language by foreigners and to support and popularize state language abroad, UCF introduces a course of Ukrainian for foreign applicants.
From 2016, foreign students and abiturs from all over the world have been studying Russian at the preparatory department of the university. From September 2018 they will learn Ukrainian.
«Recently, the decree of the President of Ukraine «On urgent measures to strengthen the state status of Ukrainian language and  promote the creation of a united cultural space of Ukraine» was issued. As a state higher education institution, we are not indifferent to the role and development of the state language. Therefore, we offer and insist on studying the language by foreigners who study at our preparatory department and are our actual students», – Dmytro Bocharov, Rector of University of Customs and Finance, PhD (Law), Associate Professor.


Нармін«Learning of the state language is useful for studying and lifestyle in Ukraine. We chose this country for our development and education. All state institutions, official communication and correspondence are conducted in Ukrainian here. In addition, studying of the language will be especially relevant for those who will take Ukrainian language exam for admission to Ukrainian citizenship. This language is very melodic and interesting at least!»Manafli Narmin Vugar Kizi, the 2-nd year student of the Faculty of Management of University of Customs and Finance.


Foreigners study at UCF in Economics, International Economic Relations, Accounting and Taxation, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Management, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchanges, Law, Computer Science and IT, Cyber Security, Transport Technologies. Admission to the preparatory department is possible during the year, before the beginning of academic semesters (till November 1 and March 1).
Entry details are on the University official website.
We are waiting for you! Let's learn Ukrainian together!
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